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18 October 2011 § 1 Comment

Monika Grzymala has taken over the small subterranean space of Sumarrialunn with one of her signature installations of sticky tape. Lying somewhere between architecture and drawing her works re-articulate the spaces that they inhabit forcing a fresh assessment. Essentially they are line drawings that leap from wall to three-dimensional space and back again. Here, using black tape, the parallel with pencil or ink sketches is clear as is the literal enaction of Paul Klee‘s phrase ‘a line is a point taken for a walk.’

Monika Grzymala at The Drawing Room

Her works are always site specific and only recorded permanently through photography. They are also created using relatively light-weight material, the tape sagging and disintegrating during the exhibition, a process which Grzymala relates to the body in its gradual deterioration and ageing.

Since each work responds to the local environment they are delightfully varied. Last year at the drawing room a delicately tumbling web of white tape drifted through the room, whilst here the bolder black tape ties the structural central to one of the gallery sides creating both a wall of tape and an extra space. Unfortunately no photos allowed so images here are other exhibitions  – the second gives a good approximation!

On sale alongside the exhibition are limited edition signed prints of the exhibition and one (perhaps more?) unique works of tape on semi-transparent tracing paper. This is an excellent small exhibition from an internationally famous artist who has exhibited in exalted venues like Moma in New York. Her work is not available to see very often and you should try to see it whilst you can – well worth a detour from the Haunch of Venison around the corner.

at Sumarrialunn Gallery Until Friday 4 November 2011

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