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8 December 2013 § Leave a comment

Is it me or have I been noticing more and more artistsic partnerships lately? The likes of Gilbert & George and Jean Claude &  Christo have been around for a while, but more recently it seems that artists working together has become more accepted, with well known pairings like Allora & Calzadilla, Elmgreen & Dragset, Noble & Webster, The Chapman Brothers and Doyle & Mallinson. On top of these more recently emerging or paired up are Nerhol, kennardphillips, Keeler & Tornero, Swales & Sinclair and so on. There is even the notable pretend pairing – Bob & Roberta Smith – that is actually a single artist Patrick Brill.

Griffin Art Prize

Griffin Art Prize

Then there are Luke George & Elizabeth Rose who met at City & Guilds London, and who have recently come to prominence as winners of the Griffin Art Prize (see recent feature) – a newly established prize for recent graduates that is rapidly becoming one of the most important of the London art world.

photo copy 15

As deserved winners they are keen to investigate the possibilities of materials – in their case primarily paint and canvas. They manage to draw a remarkable range of texture and depth from such traditional and well-used materials and their medium to large sized canvases are a joy to examine at any scale.

George and Rose,Gate,2013,220x300,mixed media on canvas copy

Channelling the unpredicatable ‘avenir’ of Derrida (“There is a future which is predictable, programmed, scheduled, foreseeable. But there is a future, l’avenir (to come) which refers to someone who comes whose arrival is totally unexpected.”) they look to shared intuition and “happy accident” to takes the artwork in a entirely new direction.

Georgeand Rose,l'avenir, 2013,153x168,mixedmedia on canvas

They are “excited by the notion of our paintings eventually making themselves; by responding directly to the surfaces and working in such a way that our actions are dictated entirely by the process rather than our own aesthetic needs as individuals.”

Their work is excellent, inventive and attractive – and if it takes two to tango – then why not?

The Griffin Art Prize tours to High House Gallery in the Cotswolds from 18 January to 16 February 2014

high house private view

27 June 2012 § 2 Comments

The extremely observant amongst you will have noticed that my last blog referred to our new gallery – High House. This is located in the leafy village of Clanfield in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds– which I would note lies in the UK for our followers in strange and distant lands.

Harry Hill Batting Stallions

The exhibition will comprise The Momentarily Absurd – a look at humour in contemporary art – in the gallery space, whilst outdoors in the gardens will be Dividing Line – gallery sculpture ‘crossing the line’ to be shown outdoors.

Nika Neelova Partings

The gallery opens is hosting a champagne Private View weekend on the 14/15 July. I will send an email invitation to those email followers who are able – and willing – to come along. To other, please click on one of the links to the gallery website, where you will be able to register with your email address. All those registering before the PV weekend will be sent an invitation.

Glen Baxter

I hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you there!

Doyle & Mallinson Wendy Squat (3)

I will attempt to make a few blogs and feature some of the exciting artists that we’ll be showing – keep your eyes peeled!

Julie Cockburn Bird

High House
OX18 2SH

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