jane edden, ornithomorph at flowers cork street

7 January 2013 § 1 Comment

In the downstairs gallery of Flowers Cork Street, and sadly also ending today, is a delightful exhibition from Jane Edden. A graduate of the late ’80’s Edden has gamely (no pun intended) and steadily produced an impressive and interesting body of work.

Jane Edden Flying JacketShe states that her work is “at the intersection of science and aesthetics: a hybrid space where technological concerns meet the seductiveness of natural imagery. Upholding this ethics of hybridity and permissiveness, I try not to limit my materials, allowing myself to weave technology into images of nature or to source organic matter directly.” Sounds like the sort of statement that the very latest round of ecologically-oriented art college graduates would be making and very much in the zeitgeist of the moment. Who knows, we could be seeing much more of her in years to come.

Jane Edden Flying JacketThis exhibition fits almost seamlessly with the Small is Beautiful show upstairs with a host of absolutely beautiful and immaculately made tiny flying jackets. Yes, I did say flying jackets, but these are unbelievably finely crafted from bird feathers – one would hope ethically sourced with no recourse to the gun-toting morons of the shootin’, huntin’ an fishin’ brigade.Jane Edden Ornithomorph

Jane Edden OrnithomorphDespite the almost-too-clever word play of the title Flying Jacket the skill and craft in making these stylish little works immediately wins you over. You might like the 29 Lockheed F-94 Starfire made from partridge feathers or perhaps prefer the 28 Gloster Gamecock from duck feathers. Some have extra padded shoulders or a little skirt, but all are stunning.

Jane Edden OrnithomorphSome neat bird-related drawings, prints and sculptural installations rounded off the avian theme but the little fathered jackets won the day!

IMG00373-20130104-1313Jane Edden, Ornithomorph 7 Dec 2012 – 5 January 2013 Flowers Gallery

small is beautiful at flowers cork st

5 January 2013 § Leave a comment

Unfortunately I only made it to this annual group exhibition just before it closed. This is the latest in their regular series of Christmas shows featuring a delightful selection of smallish works – no surprise there of course – from no fewer than 78 artists.

IMG00362-20130104-1308For those of you unfamiliar with the gallery ethos, this is one of the most established of the contemporary art galleries that has since 1970 promoted good value art from emerging and established artists. Recently there has been increasing emphasis on photographic works, and there a few here amongst a selection of mostly oils but also sculptures and watercolours.

IMG00365-20130104-1309As would be expected from a top gallery there are lots of well known and well-respected names: Maggi Hambling, Ishbel Myerscough, Julie Cockburn, Andrew Logan, John Kirby, Ken Currie and many more. One of those is Nadav Kander whose exhibition at the same Mayfair Gallery is coming up after this ‘Small’ show. His works tread the line between attraction and repulsion and this flabby nude is no exception.

IMG00366-20130104-1309Dina Brodsky’s Vacant was another impressive work. An immaculately detailed and enigmatic empty room painted in oil. I also liked Tai Schan Schierenberg’s  Skull, thick in gloopy paint – a sort of 3D Kossoff.


There were lots more attractive works which had sadly, it seems, not sold that well – if the red dots were anything to go by that is. Perhaps they were too cheap, since by all accounts the wealthy are still splashing out at the big galleries and fairs. Still, a show to look out for next Christmas for those last minute gifts. Meanwhile,dont’t forget to put the Nadav Kander show dates in your diary!

IMG00363-20130104-1308Small is Beautiful XXX was at Flowers Cork St,  7 December 2012 – 5 January 2013

Nadav Kander BODIES: 6 Women, 1 Man, 11 January – 9 February 2013



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