koen van den broek: chicane at marlborough contemporary

4 December 2012 § Leave a comment

Just in case you hadn’t noticed the long-established Marlborough Gallery (AKA Marlborough Fine Art) has just opened a Contemporary gallery space in Albemarle Street, Mayfair. The Gallery is of course one of the biggest names in the art world – I quote from their website:

” Marlborough Fine Art was founded in 1946 by Frank Lloyd and Harry Fischer who emigrated to England from Vienna, where Lloyd’s family had been antique dealers for three generations and Fischer had dealt in antiquarian books. They first met in 1940, as soldiers in the British army. In 1948 they were joined by a third partner, David Somerset, now the Duke of Beaufort, and chairman of Marlborough Fine Art (London) Ltd.

After the wartime years of recession, London became the principal market for modern art and Marlborough’s role in this changing art world was established. It set standards for exhibitions that were worthy of a modern museum. These were reviewed like museum shows, and the gallery became a focus for collectors, museum directors and connoisseurs as well as history of art students. In 1952 Marlborough was already selling masterpieces of late 19th century including bronzes by Edgar Degas and paintings by Mary Cassatt, Paul Signac, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley, Auguste Renoir amongst others and drawings by Constantine Guys and Vincent van Gogh.”

Koen van den BroekImpressive stuff, so one should have high hopes of the new Contemporary branch especially with its director, Andrew Renton, former director of curating at Goldsmiths. The first, rather dry, exhibition from Angela Ferreira linked the Cullinan diamond mine and the Chislehurst caves and commented upon social space and cultural histories.

Koen van den BroekThe latest show is from Koen van der Broek who reduces landscape in to bare minimums, rendering them as almost unrecognisable. He revisits a chicane in a short stretch of LA street from which he has produced just five large canvases using a repeated palette of buff, cream, blue and black. Reminiscent of the American abstract expressionists to which he consciously refers they fill the large upstairs gallery space.Koen van den Broek

They are undeniably impressive, and interesting to view alongside his earlier work, but van den Broek has been around for some while and is not exactly cutting-edge. Staying dull and safe so far Marlborough Contemporary has not – for me – quite (yet) hit the wow factor that it perhaps had with the modernist artists back in the 1940’s!

Koen van den Broek until 5 January 2013 at Marlborough Contemporary

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