beyond ourselves at the royal society

10 April 2011 § Leave a comment

Chris Dunseath

Beyond Ourselves is a fascinating new exhibition staged in the dramatic surrounds of  The Royal Society.  At first it’s difficult not to become overly distracted by the spectacular Venetian style marble hall – a fitting home to the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence – or the glass cases crammed with ancient artifacts belonging to the world’s most eminent scientists (one can even view a piece of wood purported to be from Isaac Newton’s apple tree!). But then it soon becomes apparent that the exhibits residing outside the glass should be as equally commanding of our attention.


Central to art practice is the artist’s subjective opinion or interpretation of the world. Science and maths cannot be directly latched onto this as by nature, they seek out a more objective truth. However, there is a crossover as both artists and scientists are looking at the world and trying to understand it. Beyond Ourselves investigates the nature of scientific discovery through the artist’s eye and the results are intriguing to say the least.

Chooc Ly Tan – Problems

This exhibition brings together six innovative contemporary artists who have all placed the potential of enquiry and thought at the core of their work. Ingrid Hinton, curator comments that ‘these artists are encouraging the viewer to consider the role of imagination in our quest to understand our world better. Their interest lies in creating innovative work that seeks to inspire all of us to question what we know and do not know. I would like the viewer to feel as though a door has been opened for them.’

Sam Knowles

The exhibition should not be missed – at the very least to get a glimpse in to the beautiful interior of the Royal Society.

It is open to the public with no prior arrangement necessary: 11, 18 & 28 April, 11am – 4pm or by appointment.

Further dates will be announced, please visit for more information

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