3 – artists to watch – rhea o’neill

11 December 2010 § 1 Comment

Continuing an occasional series about artists to watch I shall attempt to be more efficient and make a weekly (numbered) post. This week’s artist is Rhea O’Neill, who has recently been seen in an exhibition at the Rollo Gallery in London entitled ‘Four Young Artists to Watch’.

A recent 2008 graduate from Wimbledon, Rhea engages with the history of British landscape painting. Her vibrant landscapes shimmer with vivid non-and vibrant hyper-real colours which provide a contemporary twist. Her dream-like imagery suggesting that in this day and age societies perception of the British countryside may actually be more fanciful than real.

Summer Festival

She says ‘My work is an exploration and critical look at where notions of romanticism appear from and how they manifest themselves within our subconscious. My interest lies in myth and tradition and how this influences our viewing of landscapes.


In Power House a grey-blue sun glows in a eerily-coloured sky. It dominates a strange multi-coloured landscape that could be desert-like, post-apocalyptic or tropical – it is hard to say which and it does not seem to matter. The power lies in the hot/cold sun which seems to suck in the landscape. Rhea states that ‘it is an unabashed painting of the sun as creator and destroyer; it turns from emanating to sucking, drawing in. It is our environment unfenced and unboxed, becoming overseer and master.’

Even where the sun is not seen, as in Summer Festival, its presence is felt in the eerie glow of the sky. Elsewhere her fantastical landscapes may be of night-time scenes, but they all possess a magical appeal which is well worth seeing.

With prices for a substantial canvas (say about 100cm square) being around the £3-3,500 + VAT  mark this seems like a low price which wont be around for long.

For more information contact me or visit www.rollart.com

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